Easy to carry. Simple to use. Smarter than ever.

Emergency Dispatch

Emergency Dispatch

Noonlight app integration enables emergency dispatch through Noonlight whenever your Pulse+ is fired.

Complete Protection

Complete Protection

It's discreet, but the Pulse+ can deliver a powerful nervous system override you'll want when protecting yourself or your family.

Extra Piece of Mind

Extra Peace of Mind

Never before has a personal safety device been able to provide such thorough protection.

Personal safety has never been more complete.

Pulse+ smart devices integrate with Noonlight, a safety platform that wirelessly connects your Pulse+ device to your phone. Backed by live dispatchers, Noonlight will send emergency personnel to your location immediately whenever your Pulse+ is fired. No fumbling for your phone or freezing up in fear. Pull the trigger and help is on the way. Download the Noonlight mobile app for a free trial membership.

Young lady aiming the Taser Pulse+

Noonlight Integration

So, you just fired your Pulse+. Now what?

iPhone with Noonlight app running.

Step 01: Get to safety

Drop your Pulse+ and get to safety. Noonlight is already reaching out to emergency services.

Step 02: Noonlight will text and call you

Answer if you can. You may also cancel the alarm at this point, or talk directly to 911.

Step 03: Just wait

Help is on the way.

Pulse+ Features

Smarter, less-lethal self-defense.

Image of Taser+ with features labeled with numbers 1-6
  • 01: Replacement Cartridge

  • 02: Battery Indicator Light

  • 03: Shaved Safeties

  • 04: High Visibility Flashlight

  • 05: Targeting Laser

  • 06: Emergency Dispatch

Be better prepared than ever.

Taser Pulse+ and Noonlight

Man conceiling the Taser Pulse+ in his bag