Personal safety has never been more complete.

Pulse+ smart devices integrate with Noonlight, a safety platform that wirelessly connects your Pulse+ device to your phone. Backed by live dispatchers, Noonlight will send emergency personnel to your location immediately whenever your Pulse+ is fired. No fumbling for your phone or freezing up in fear. Pull the trigger and help is on the way. The Noonlight mobile app is free for the first month after activation, and requires a monthly Noonlight Premium membership after 30 days at $9.99/month.

iPhone with Noonlight app running.

Step 01: Connect your Pulse+

Use the Noonlight app to connect to your Pulse+ and turn on the emergency response option.

Step 02: You fire your Pulse+

Drop your Pulse+ and get to safety. Noonlight is already reaching out to emergency services.

Step 03: Noonlight will text and call you

Answer if you can. You may also cancel the alarm at this point, or talk directly to 911.

Step 04: Just wait

Help is on the way.

Pulse+ Highlights

Easy to carry. Simple to use. Smarter than ever.

Complete Protection

Complete Protection

It's discreet, but the Pulse+ can deliver a powerful nervous system override you'll want when protecting yourself or your family.

Emergency Dispatch

Emergency Dispatch

Noonlight app integration enables emergency dispatch through Noonlight whenever your Pulse+ is fired.

Extra Piece of Mind

Extra Peace of Mind

Never before has a personal safety device been able to provide such thorough protection.

Pulse+ Features

Smarter, less-lethal self-defense.

Image of Taser+ with features labeled with numbers 1-6
  • 01: Replacement Cartridge

  • 02: Battery Indicator Light

  • 03: Shaved Safeties

  • 04: High Visibility Flashlight

  • 05: Targeting Laser

  • 06: Emergency Dispatch

Be better prepared than ever.

Taser Pulse+ and Noonlight

Man conceiling the Taser Pulse+ in his bag